Swiss Cardio Technologies AG

Blegistrasse 1
CH-6343 Rotkreuz

Our Focus

Swiss Cardio Technologies supports Research, Development and Commercialisation of Health focused ideas, in particular in the field of Cardiovascular Medicine.

Our Position, Our Services

Swiss Cardio Technologies, by connecting academy and industry, is in an ideal position to evaluate medical innovations. We provide personalized strategies to convert research results into commercial reality, without impairing academician’s needs.

Our Partners, Our Customers

Swiss Cardio Technologies is supported by a wide network of professional laboratory, clinical and business partners. We propose pioneering, affordable and realistic solutions for modern cardiac, vascular and other medical therapists.

Our Vision

We will belong to the leaders in the development of medical technologies.

Our Values

We are committed to support and promote academic R&D while promoting ethics, integrity and respect regarding human being and environment.

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